Quilted Vest by Filson

Filson is a Pacific Northwest cornerstone.  With its Portland flagship store in the Pearl, it has that distinct feel of wool, work wear, and well crafted production that we love.  While I sometimes feel lost when surrounded by the fly fishing specialties, there is one Filson genre that I have always been impressed with: vests.  Filson’s vests are consistently stylish in a minimalist design while remaining hearty in construction.  They also tend to deliver a sense of timelessness making them a seasonal constant easily added into any collection.



The Quilted Vest by Filson offers to break up the typical lightweight outwear vest with the stronger presence of patch pockets fastened with grommets.  It also includes a breast welt pocket and an inside chest pocket.  Its quilted stitching on the outside creates a a subtle contrast with the inner lining of dry finish Shelter Cloth.  This is a versatile piece to have for layering up and adding a piece of well constructed warm that’s not afraid to show off its heritage style roots.

Filson | 526 NW 13th Ave | Portland, OR 97209

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