Wy’East Gloves by Poler


Gloves always seem like an afterthought, a non-essential that you grab on the way out the door or find balled up in your coat as you head out into the January rain.  I don’t think I have ever set aside time to go glove shopping.  The Wy’East Gloves by Poler are about to change that.  I first spotted these gloves in a light brown shade highlighted in Poler’s recent newsletter.  Their slimmer fit and distinctly textured outer layer create an easily interchangeable look for a night out or a weekend hike.  The lining is waterproof making them a dry, warm refuge from winter’s downpours and the more streamlined look is achieved by ditching the insulation.  The Wy’East Gloves have finally convinced me to promote gloves out of the realm of random find.

Poler | 1215 SE 8th St, Ste C, Portland OR 97214


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