Flat Head 3012 Straight Tapered

Words by Rolan Gregg

It’s time to start the new year with an upgrade to an essential in any Portland wardrobe: winter denim.  Self Edge is now carrying the new Flat Head 3012 Straight Tapered. Denim lovers already know all about this new addition to the Flat Head line of raw Japanese selvedge.  The 3012 has a straight leg that moves into a tapered fit in the lower half.  The highly crafted architecture of these jeans creates a slimmer, tailored look through the leg without becoming absurdly tight or overall disproportionate. Best known for their fading properties, the Flat Head 3012 is also a button fly with hidden rivets for the back pockets.



2014 is looking good in this crisp, clean fit.  Self Edge has the Flat Head 3012 Straight Tapered available in their stores and online.

Self Edge |  1022 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

photo source: Self Edge

Wild Mushroom Foraging Knives By Oaks Bottom Forge

Words by Rolan Gregg

Still in need of a holiday gift that encapsulates everything you love about the PNW, craftsmanship, and straight-up style?  Call off the search.  Wild Mushroom Foraging Knives By Oaks Bottom Forge are available at Boys Fort in downtown Portland and they will be a showstopper in any gift swapping you’ll be doing this season.  Jake France from Boys Fort gave me the lowdown on this highly crafted set.  These mushroom knives are hand forged in the Sellwood neighborhood of SE Portland by Oaks Bottom Forge.  The handles are made from local woods and the over-the-shoulder sheath is sold separately.  These handmade foraging knives also come with a certificate of authenticity from Oak Bottom Forge.  And why not pair these wild mushrooms knives with the handsome antler mushroom brushes shown below, also by the artisans over at Oak Bottom Forge.  To snap up a pair, make a trip to Boys Fort | 902 SW Morrison Street 97205, Portland, Oregon 97205.


photo source: Boys Fort

Milton Quilted Overshirt by Bridge & Burn

Words by Rolan Gregg

Quilting and chambray sound like the perfect combination whether you’re braving the holiday crowds in the crisp downtown air or you’re taking off for a slow, solo walk through the Gorge. Bridge & Burn has created one of the most stylish and well-rounded layering pieces this season with its Milton Quilted Overshirt.


This shirt brings a strong sense of clean design and craftsmanship to any outfit from casual coffee to the company party.  The extensive quilting not only adds a nestled warmth but a heft of detail that makes it much more than a simple chambray shirt.  The Milton Quilted Overshirt is 100% cotton and was designed in Portland, Oregon.  Find your way to Bridge & Burn to see it in person.




Bridge & Burn |  1122 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97205

photo source: Bridge & Burn

Hells Canyon Duffle Coat by Pendleton

Words by Rolan Gregg

It’s freezing.  Walking through the streets of downtown Portland, you will be astonished by the amount of layering one person can achieve.  Scarves wrapped in flannel, over wool, and tucked into thick, bundled cotton.  If you’re looking for less layers and some stylish warmth, we’ve found a beautiful solution: Hells Canyon Duffle Coat by Pendleton. Made of wool and cotton, this coat’s cut and design fortify the battle against bluster just as much as the textiles keep things toasty.  The coat’s high neckline and streamlined hood offer up strategic protection from the dark season while the custom toggle buttons protect the hidden front zipper.  The Pinyon Stripe fabric that makes up the Hells Canyon Duffle Coat is distinctly Pendleton and linearly captivating.


If you’re in the Pacific NW, you can find the Hells Canyon Duffle Coat at Pendleton or Frances May.

Pendleton |  900 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

Frances May |  1013 SW Washington Street, Portland, OR 97205

Tokyo Briefcase by The Good Flock

Words by Rolan Gregg

There’s something about waxed canvas that feels as Pacific NW as evergreen trees. It provides clean lines, low maintenance, and a seasoned sense of longevity. I’ve really come to appreciate the form and function of waxed canvas with its romantic seafaring roots still vaguely present in its design.  It’s the use of this textile as well as the crisp silhouette and sharp structure that drew me to the Tokyo Briefcase by Portland design studio The Good Flock. The Tokyo Briefcase is narrow and that’s a rare and remarkable feature in a bag.  While big, bulky bags are in abundance, this low and long briefcase is the perfect fit for daily use without feeling like a hassle.  There are no straps to sling across your chest or back, this is simply and easily carried by the vegetable tanned leather handles. There are also eight pockets (four inside, four outside) in addition to the central compartment.




Behind the smart design of the Tokyo Briefcase, there’s an impressive Portland company. The Good Flock uses terms like “working with a conscience” and “design with minimal waste” without tossing style to the side.  They adhere to responsible manufacturing practices and work with local artists. They teamed up with Portland artist Rio Wrenn to create the Indigo Everyday Bag. This limited edition hand dyed waxed canvas bag is beautifully oceanic and, not surprisingly, currently sold out. Their product line isn’t huge and it doesn’t need to be. Take a look at what The Good Flock is up to and check out their sustainable practices.


Dark Wave by OLO Fragrance

Last Saturday, we climbed the stairs of the Ace Hotel in Portland for a creative takeover on the 2nd floor.  The entire wing was shut down in the name of fashion, art, and fragrance.  The event was Content 2013.  In its fourth rendition, this year’s gathering brought together local designers to showcase their work in 28 of the hotel’s guest rooms.  The presentations were conceptual, beautiful, and blatantly thoughtful.  Almost every room surprised or intrigued me with innovative introductions to the designers and their products.

One of the rooms that I kept returning to was the OLO Fragrance display.  The room was scented in a custom fragrance that captured the woodsy, mossy, golden hints of Portland.  The centerpiece of the room was a makeshift meditation tent garnished in pine branches and soft lighting.  Two simple cushions were nestled in the tent along with matching headphones playing the droning sounds of Grouper and a tiny basket held the OLO fragrances.  Dark Wave is one of  their scents that calls forth the stormy, wintery Pacific NW season we are just beginning to feel.  The ingredients of cardamom, Indonesian vetivert, and wood remind you that Portland isn’t just about surviving until summer but that the darker, wetter months offer up their own blend of magnificence.

OLO is carried in various locations across Portland and Seattle including Frances May and Hammer + Awl.


Quilted Vest by Filson

Filson is a Pacific Northwest cornerstone.  With its Portland flagship store in the Pearl, it has that distinct feel of wool, work wear, and well crafted production that we love.  While I sometimes feel lost when surrounded by the fly fishing specialties, there is one Filson genre that I have always been impressed with: vests.  Filson’s vests are consistently stylish in a minimalist design while remaining hearty in construction.  They also tend to deliver a sense of timelessness making them a seasonal constant easily added into any collection.



The Quilted Vest by Filson offers to break up the typical lightweight outwear vest with the stronger presence of patch pockets fastened with grommets.  It also includes a breast welt pocket and an inside chest pocket.  Its quilted stitching on the outside creates a a subtle contrast with the inner lining of dry finish Shelter Cloth.  This is a versatile piece to have for layering up and adding a piece of well constructed warm that’s not afraid to show off its heritage style roots.

Filson | 526 NW 13th Ave | Portland, OR 97209

Two Tone Chukka at The Woodlands

If you haven’t made the transition from loafers to wintery footwear, you’re in deep denial.  For some of us, the promise of boots and wool-lined shoes can usher in a sense of cool weather inspiration but if they leave you yearning for the styles of drier days, The Woodlands’ Two Tone Chukka is what you’re looking for.  An antidote for the fatigue of galoshes and heavy soled boots, this customized creation made exclusively for The Woodlands in Portland is light, streamlined, and beautifully detailed.  It strikes the perfect balance between boot and oxford adding a sophistication that will make it an everyday choice even during the stormiest months.



The Two Tone Chukka is certainly hearty enough for the Pacific Northwest. Crafted from Horween’s Chromexcel leather, it retains the mastery of a leather formula developed over a century ago. The Woodlands’ crew writes, “Don’t baby it; just wear it and brush it with a good suede brush regularly to help keep the dirt off.”  As the flood of holiday obligations starts rolling in, this chukka will take you safely past casual without feeling like you’ve left your style behind.  Try on a pair at The Woodlands in downtown Portland.

The Woodlands | 1308 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209