Dark Wave by OLO Fragrance

Last Saturday, we climbed the stairs of the Ace Hotel in Portland for a creative takeover on the 2nd floor.  The entire wing was shut down in the name of fashion, art, and fragrance.  The event was Content 2013.  In its fourth rendition, this year’s gathering brought together local designers to showcase their work in 28 of the hotel’s guest rooms.  The presentations were conceptual, beautiful, and blatantly thoughtful.  Almost every room surprised or intrigued me with innovative introductions to the designers and their products.

One of the rooms that I kept returning to was the OLO Fragrance display.  The room was scented in a custom fragrance that captured the woodsy, mossy, golden hints of Portland.  The centerpiece of the room was a makeshift meditation tent garnished in pine branches and soft lighting.  Two simple cushions were nestled in the tent along with matching headphones playing the droning sounds of Grouper and a tiny basket held the OLO fragrances.  Dark Wave is one of  their scents that calls forth the stormy, wintery Pacific NW season we are just beginning to feel.  The ingredients of cardamom, Indonesian vetivert, and wood remind you that Portland isn’t just about surviving until summer but that the darker, wetter months offer up their own blend of magnificence.

OLO is carried in various locations across Portland and Seattle including Frances May and Hammer + Awl.


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