Yuketens & Wool Lined Cardholders – Tanner Goods

Anthony Parrish first showed me the Tanner Goods Pendleton wool lined card holders at the Tanner Goods opening party. Since then, he’s been making batches of 10 as they sell out in the Tanner Goods store on W Burnside. Below, Michael Andersen shows me a two-toned cardholder in natural and black dyed leather.


The wool inside is firey orange and draws you in. There are lots  styles at the Tanner Goods store so go take a look if you want to find a different color leather or wool.


The Tanner Goods store also has a beautiful iteration of the Maine Guide Boot, Yuketen’s 5 Eye boot in loden green and brown Chromexcel on a Vibram Christy sole. Tanner Goods is the only place in the USA with this specific colorway.


From Inventory Magazine:

The Vibram Christy sole is a soft rubber compound developed by Vibram for the construction industry to provide comfort for workers on their feet all day. The leather is a special colorway called Loden Green. There is also a wax finish applied to this leather that will vintage quickly with or without rugged use. All components are made in U.S.A., including the leather and soles. The boot itself is a wonderful representation of Yuketen. The homemade pieces of the shoe, the unqiue design and American inspiration, and Yuki’s Japanese touch and philosophy, all come together on the Maine Guide boot.

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