Winn Perry – Cooperstown Ballcap 1956 Portland Beavers Cap

An interview with Jerry Cohen of Seattle’s Ebbet’s Field Flannels in Inventory No. 3 recently brought my attention to replica baseball caps:

It’s gratifying because for a long time in the cap world it was that New Era stiff high crown that the hip-hop crowd wore with the size tag still on them. That was so difficult to go against even with our customer base, because people got so conditioned to that type of hat. We had to explain that, ‘No, hats didn’t used to be like that. You can fold them and put them in your back pocket, they were rumpled and they were really nice wool.’


Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. closed their doors last year, so I’m surprised to still find one of their Portland Beavers caps at Winn Perry: “made from a sturdy wool flannel and feature a leather sweatband, just like the originals”.

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  1. Sam says:

    Where can I buy this cap now???

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