Winn Perry to Close March 5th

Jordan Sayler announces the close of Winn Perry:

It has been a long road that has led Winn Perry to its current place over the previous 3 years and now has come a time to embark on new adventures. On Saturday March 5th, Winn Perry will be shuttering the doors of our brick & mortar retail showroom .

Read the full announcement on his website. I spoke with him today and he is eager to transition directly into a job at Schoolhouse Electric Co., where he received a great offer to work on classic lighting fixtures. He has some incredibly discounts on his current stock, including 40% off his Aldens and 50% off everything else. He still has about 10 different styles of Aldens that were made for his store exclusively.

Winn Perry is one of the few places in Portland I can find a curated selection of Alden shoes, LVC denim, and Hillside accessories. Jordan has been incredibly kind to me over the past few months by helping me navigate various heritage brands and showing me the important details on the repro gear in his shop.

winn_perry_closing_store_Alden Shoes

winn_perry_closing_store_Alden Shoes2

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