Tellason x Tanner Goods – Roll-up Canvas Tote


I’m in Vancouver BC and see Tony Patella, co-owner of Tellason, the San Francisco denim brand known for it’s small runs of high quality jeans. He shows me their next collaboration with Tanner Goods: a roll-up canvas tote made with Tony’s dead stock canvas and Tanner Goods’ hardware and leather. He has two prototypes with him, one of duck canvas and one of 12.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak selvage denim. Tony explains:

“I was at a factory in San Francisco that I used for my previous denim brand called Sutter, and I saw a roll of canvas and I asked ‘Who’s roll is that, that big roll of cool canvas? ‘ and they said ‘That’s yours from 1999′. Sutter closed business in 2001 and I never used the roll of canvas so it’s been at the factory since then. It’s truly dead stock, so I’m going to use it. We’ll make 150 of each color bag to start.  We’ll make it in 12.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak selvage denim, duck canvas, and US-made 18 oz. black waxed canvas.”


The inside of the bag is printed with a logo: flowers crossing a lumberjack’s axe. The flowers represent San Francisco and the axe represents Portland, the two hometowns of Tellason and Tanner Goods.

“Both brands are very much about the same ideals: longevity and good craftsmanship. Tellason cuts and sews the bag and screen prints the logo. Then we send it to Tanner Goods and they provide all the leather for the straps and attach the hardware. You’ll be able to find them at the Woodlands Supply Co. and the Tanner Goods stores, as well as the online stores.”


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  1. Anoura says:

    :) can I buy a couple of those canvas totes somewhere? I would love a couple roll up canvas totes that when open I can fit groceries into. That would be fabulous.

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