Tanner Goods’ New Workshop – Portland Ore.

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This is Tanner Goods, and this is their new workshop. Nicole Funke shows me around the large industrial space in NE’s Leftbank Building; she’s the shipping manager for Tanner Goods and their retail store, Woodlands Supply. Casey dexterously sews wallets, Sam sorts through freshly-cut strips of leather that are destined to become belts, and Anthony Parrish adds a finishing dye to the raw edges of a stack of bracelets.


“Nothing is made before it’s ordered,” says Nicole. “Either a bulk wholesale order will come in or we wait until enough individual online orders are processed before we make the items.” In other words, when you purchase a wallet online, the leather craftsman only then cuts the leather specifically for your wallet. There are no shelves of inventory or back stock.


Sam Huff shows me a stack of freshly received leather. “It comes from the tannery in one piece and we have to cut it up.” he says. “It’s all English Bridle leather and we source from several different tanneries depending on what color or weight of leather we need.” Tanner Goods collaborated with 3sixteen a few years back to make 13oz. natural leather belts and waxed canvas tote bags. They made the leather patches that adorn the back of Tellason denim, including the limited 24 pairs of made-for-Woodlands Tellason denim that are newly arrived at Woodlands Supply. Before I leave the studio I spot a few noteworthy items on their shelves, hinting that Sam and his crew will release several new products very soon.


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