Tanner Goods — Los Angeles


Words by Taylor Dent — Photographs by Jenny Kim


Ever since Marrow Magazine visited Tanner Good’s Portland studio in July, Angelenos have been eager to check out the company’s leather goods in person. And now we can, thanks to the opening of Tanner Goods on Ninth & Broadway in Downtown. The Oregon-based company is known for its American-made wallets, portfolios and camera straps, which are as easily paired with Redwings and a plaid shirt as with a crisp button-down. Speaking of menswear, Tanner stocks workman-inspired shirts by The Woodlands and vintage reproduction sweaters by Dehen 1920. Those craving international threads will find CREEP by Hiroshi Awai and Norse Projects on the shelves.

Housed on the ground floor of Claud Beelman’s office building, the 1,000 sq. ft. store blends the industrial structure with a casual California design. Think sprawling ceilings, wide windows flooded with natural light and Zeppelin playing on the jukebox. You might wonder whether you’ve been invited to a downtown loft or a brick-and-mortar store.


In the center of the room is a table filled with mugs by Mazama and Tanner’s signature leather collection. One of the best sellers is the slim-cut Tradesman Wallet, made from Chicago Horween leather and accented with small gold rivets. All of Tanner’s wallets are constructed with utility in mind over trend, which means you’ll be shoving your receipts inside it in for years. Plus, it’ll look cooler with age as it develops a rustic patina and surface scratches. Embrace it.

Another great find is the “Pony Express” Leather Pouch, a collaboration between Tanner Goods and Field Notes. Available in a light tan shade and built to hold three memo pads, it’s the ideal for those paper romantics who insist on handwriting To-Do lists.

On the off chance you’re looking to trade in your fixie, we present to you the Cielo Bike. It’s steeper in price than the rest of the items but it comes equipped with three wax-coated canvas bags by Tanner and tons of sidewalk appeal. Plus they’re limited edition, so you’ll be one of a handful of Angelinos who own one.

Tanner Goods will celebrate its grand opening this Saturday, March 29th from 11AM – 6PM. We hope to see you there.











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