Reveille, Fine Clothier – An Opening Celebration

A guest list at the door, a DJ inside and live music outside, kegs and wine under a tent lit with white Christmas lights, and an oyster bar. Camille and Jess put on a classy party as I’ve never seen before in this part of town, full of supremely-dressed party-goers that know the details of the clothes they are wearing.喜洋洋嘉年华充气大滑梯


I also stumble into great conversations all night, with a Self Edge disciple from San Francisco, a jewelry designer who makes items for the Reveille shop, and the cook who tends the grill but is an attorney by day. This is the highest common denominator of Portland.







The full set of photos is up on Reveille’s page.

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  1. Tom Ivancie says:

    Love your blog…did you take the pictures? Some great shots.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tom. Yes all the pictures on the site are by Marrow Magazine staff. Everything in this post is shot on digital except for the oysters which was taken on 35mm film.

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