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Camille Pandian and Jess Carson opened up their new clothing store on NW 23rd. Reveille carries Mister Freedom’s latest Apaches line, a collection of great women designers, and many exquisite pieces of vintage clothing and footwear. The two have teamed up to create the store after returning from bigger cities, Camille from London and Jess from L.A. where’s he’s kept tabs on Christophe Loiron of Mister Freedom and his development as a designer. Jarom from Lizard Lounge will soon be joining the team to curate their selvage denim and reproduction work wear selections. “I’m actually cutting him loose to let him do it, he knows way more that I do” Jess says.


Reveille found a perfect lull in which to gain traction since Winn Perry recently closed and the Blackbird, Dunderdon, and Tanner Good stores have not yet opened on W Burnside. As for the selection, up until now Lizard Lounge has been the only place in Portland to find Mister Freedom, and from the look of their current stock Reveille will have the most comprehensive collection of Loiron’s lines. As for denim, Jarom is great at educating customers about the higher-end brands of denim like Momotaro and LVC and I imagine he will bring those labels into Reveille as well.


The store interior looks great, and it’s difficult to find anything that breaks the atmosphere. The various antique shelves were found mostly in New Orleans. “That shelf is a deconstructed piece of a large industrial scale,” Jess says pointing to a shelf in the corner that has the word BUFFALO scrawled across the top wooden beam, “each of those pillars is solid and the entire shelf weighs 400 pounds,” and I rap my knuckles against the pillars to check, and, sure enough, they are solid and heavy. Every piece of decor in the shop has a sort of sincerity about it that, matched with Camille and Jess’s knowledge about the clothes, brings the focus back to each item’s story whether it’s true vintage or a reproduction piece.


Jess is also working on his own clothing line. “It’s a three-piece suit based on 1920′s French bespoke suits with a belt-back double breasted jacket, belt-back trousers with suspender buttons, and a vest. We’re also doing a paperboy hat. I’m having the prototype made right now by a tailor in town,” says Jess. They’ll also collaborate with Julian Boots to create a custom boot.


Reveille is located at 728 NW 23rd Avenue, right next door to Guilt jewelry, who’s large stock of Edwardian era filigree rings makes them a perfect match. The store is open well into the evening (7PM Sun-Wed, 8PM Thurs-Sat). Visit their blog or website.


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