Inventory Number 4, Gentlewoman Number 3, and Stand Up Comedy

Art & Design
First, Inventory Number 4 was released several weeks ago and has finally trickled down to The Woodlands in Portland. Pictured are both covers featuring Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments and Mark McNairy.


Second, Gentlewoman Number 3 is in stock at Stand Up Comedy. Adele is on the cover. Gentlewoman is under the creative direction of Jop Van Bennekom, who, along with Gert Jonkers, is founding co-editor of Fantastic Man. Aside from being a highly prized examples of design, it’s also high in content density, content that’s relevant to both the gentlewoman and the fantast man. Penny Martin is the editor.


And while we’re at Stand Up Comedy, Diana has a noteworthy art installation in her shop. The Dixie cups pictured below are of a small print run, and with all the elegant stemware by Reidal and glassware designs by Ikea, it’s intriguing to see the idea of drinking-vessels-as-art taken to its literal extreme.


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