Harding & Wilson – Fall Lookbook

Words and Photographs by Ryan Fish

I first met Suchart khanan at a food cart pod near Rich’s Cigar Shop. He wore an indigo vintage chore coat and I snapped a few photos of him. He was subsequently spotted by other style bloggers, and was often seen roaming First Thursdays and passing the Black Box shops wearing Mister Freedom and faded Japanese denim. I spent some time searching for him and then prevailing upon him to join us for the Harding & Wilson‘s Fall 2013 lookbook. When he arrived, the canvas messenger bag slung over his shoulder was swollen with clothes from his own closet: that chore coat with its wooden buttons, black leather boots with fat silver eyelets, a stark white shirt, and more. The tattoo on his hand seen in the photo below reads “Place Throat Here”.

Our other model was Nicholas Peter Wilson. Three years ago, when he was shooting his High School classmates instead of doing homework, I stumbled upon his flickr account where I found the kind of striking images that I thought could only have been made by a photographer with a much older soul, or at least one with more experience. Since then he’s dreamed up new worlds with his camera (see nicholaspeter.com). Watching him in person on shoots I’ve especially noted his ability to lean in with stern, confident direction while still dropping in, only when needed, the kind of flippant self deprecation that can put a model at ease. But his self portraits are other-worldy as well, and so I asked him to model bow ties.

Light from a window in the studio of Josh Meyer—the perfumer behind Imaginary Authors—fell off quickly to darkness. While we shot, Josh worked on a new scent called Mosaic for Spruce Apothecary in Union Way, and the beautiful scent wafted through the room as we captured the images below.








Find the ties at Harding & Wilson’s website

See our feature on Harding & Wilson

Words & Photographs by Ryan Fish

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