Dunderdon & Blackbird’s New Stores in Portland


Dunderdon and Blackbird opened their stores a few weeks ago on W Burnside. The two stores are right next to each other, between Isaac Hers and Tanner Goods. Dunderdon has the corner spot.


Dunderdon’s North American headquarters is located in Portland, so a retail store in the same city makes a lot of sense. I’ve always seen their stylish outerwear at Frances May and their rugged trousers and shirts at Hand Eye Supply, but their own store gives them an opportunity to compliment their own products with those of like-minded labels: canvas and leather bags from Sandqvist, a few hearty boots from Redwing and Oak Street Bookmakers, excellent eyewear from Shwood, and jeans from Maiden Noir.

Blackbird is next door:


Aside from some blue denim, the clothing is mostly black. Clothes hang from metal rods suspended from the ceiling in the form of a U, and a table of ties and grooming accessories sits in the middle of the 600 square foot location. Leo shows me around. He usually handles their online store but he has moved down to Portland for the next few months to get the Portland shop going. “The idea of this shop is to be the Blackest bird. In Seattle we have five different price points. We are doing the same here. If you come into the store here the lowest price point is on the left and it goes up as you go around the store.”


“We are collaborating with Alden to make a custom shoe. They will hopefully be here in June. I have two pairs of Aldens and I’m saving my money because I’m excited about two other pairs that we will be receiving.” After Winn Perry closed, John Helmer’s Haberdasher has been the only place to carry Aldens. They also carry some black Yuketen, and pictured above is the Johnson boot in black.

The store will soon carry Rick Owen, an American designer who currently works out of Paris and could be considered the blackest bird of menswear. “It’s really far out and awesome. Very exclusive look and luxurious. The design aspect of it is really high and the quality of the craftsmanship and materials is phenomenal. It’s dark and maybe futuristic and avante-garde. We will have Rick Owen in Seattle as well.”


Blackbird has been designing and selling their own line of ties and jeans for a while now in their Ballard locations, and they brought their in-house label down to Portland. “The jeans are made in Northern California. The denim is woven in North Carolina. It’s all made in the U.S. and we did all the design work in Seattle. There’s no middle man so we can offer them for a great price. The black jeans are called ‘stolen black’ because somebody actually stole an entire box of jeans off the loading dock at the factory.”


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