Brady Lange — Post Gunn Interview

Brady Lange Fashion Editorial

Last night was Brady’s last night on Project Runway: Under the Gunn, and tonight he’ll release his S/S14 collection. I spoke with Brady last week about what he’s up to next:

Marrow Magazine: Hey Brady

Brady Lange: Good morning

MM: So I can’t ask you who won Under the Gunn, but I can ask you general questions, right?

BL: Yeah and I’ll tell you if there’s anything that I can’t answer.

MM: Have you stayed in touch with anyone you met on the show?

BL: I’ve actually made friends and stayed in touch with a lot of the other designers, I actually just spoke with Michelle who lives in LA and is going to be helping me source fabrics.

MM: For your next line? Have you started designing it?

BL: Last night I sketched ideas until I fell asleep. I can tell already that it will be an evolution of my aesthetic style. There will be some classic Brady motifs, but definitely less color and more black. I’ve always loved pink, floral, and black, and I haven’t used black for a while. It will be a good fit for the fall season.

MM: And camo?

BL: No I don’t think I’ll be doing camouflage again. And I’m not going to screen print anymore. That was awful. It was super time consuming and it was not a cost effective way of doing things. I liked the results of screen printing but it’s not practical for me to do. But I’ll still probably end up doing something else that’s just as time consuming and really difficult for each garment, but right now the screen printing is out.Advertising Car Wash Air Dancer used

MM: Your Angles Tank, with the black triangles, was a memorable look in your last line. Will there be geometrics in your next line?

BL: There will be a print that I use throughout, but I’m not going to tell you what it is!

MM: And will you continue to make jeans?

BL: I’ll always be making pants, but I won’t be screen printing them anymore.

MM: And on the show, did it help to sew fast?

BL: Yes definitely it helped that I knew how to sew quickly. But I still tried to finish everything and there’s just not enough time. I had to learn shortcuts and that was really hard because I’m not use to taking shortcuts.

MM: Did you like your mentor?

BL: Yeah Anya was great.

MM: Anything else you can tell us about the upcoming year?

BL: I just met with Cully Wright about the Fall lookbook and I’m really excited about that. It’s a darker line and it will have a moodier lookbook. And of course there will be some surprises!

See all of Brady’s looks at, and see style notes for the images below at the bottom of this page.

Brady Lange Fashion Editorial

Brady Lange Fashion Editorial

Brady Lange Fashion Editorial

Brady Lange Fashion Editorial



Seen above: Signature Jersey, Mesh Long Sleeve, Zip Jean, DB Short Sleeve Sweatshit, Grease T-shirt, Angles Tank, One Two Shirt, Spring Pant, all by Brady Lange. Photographs by Lane Oliveri.

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