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Anthony Parrish works at Tanner Goods under the tutelage of leather craftsmen Sam Huff and Mark Perusich. In tandem with fulfilling TG orders, Anthony spends time designing new designs that incorporate avant garde coloring. These new items utilize the same English bridle leather found in the current TG releases, but instead of matching the color of the leather, Anthony dyes the edges pink, blue, and purple.

The pieces shown here are not for sale, but instead Anthony’s prototypes may influence and inspire future Tanner Good releases. Find Anthony on Tumblr and Twitter.


MARROW: What made you think of dying the edges a color?

ANTHONY PARRISH: I chose to dye the edge contrasting and often bright colors just because I always loved using color to accent in all forms of design. I originally just wanted to put purple on a piece because I have a small obsession for the color and liked the way it looked as an edge dye for the saddle tan and mahogany leathers. Also, my items are a result of myself making the standard Tanner Goods every day and I really only make one-offs for friends or myself.


MARROW:  How else do your items differ from standard Tanner Good pieces?

ANTHONY PARRISH: The items are examples of finished versions of designs that might be in very early stages and would probably be far more honed if developed for TG. Consider the pieces I gave you “three-dimensional sketches.” If I were able to sell my creations, I’d think they’d appeal to TG & leather fans who like more ornate or specialty items to compliment their staples. The noose tether is adjustable for size and function. As well, the loophole bracelet features a DIY aesthetic as it wraps to essentially the wearer’s preference, form fit to their wrist, to be worn constantly, prepared for regular wetting and drying.


MARROW: What else are you working on? Are you experimenting with anything else or is there anything on the horizon for you?

ANTHONY PARRISH: I’m continuing to explore more braiding and knotting techniques, as well as I’m learning to sew leather. I’d really like to learn hand-tooling, as it is a rare craft within the craft. I’m exploring more ways to use leather in all aspects of our functionally-designed world. I’m interested in housewares and more accessories as well as combining leather with other textiles. Right now, I’m celebrating one year with the company and hoping to keep learning as much as I can for constant improvement, as I am only 20 years of age with much to learn.


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