Walkure Kaffeemaschine – Porcelain Coffee Makers at Heart Roasters


heart_roasters_Wille_Yli-Luoma_Karlsbad_porcelain_ coffee_machine6

Wille Yli-Luoma at Heart Coffee Roasters uses 40g of coffee, 640g water, and a grind size of 8 to create the perfect cup of coffee with the Karlsbad coffee machine. “They have been around for almost 100 years,” Wille tells me. His machine came from Walküre’s procelain factory in Germany. “I first saw the machine at a cupping class in San Francisco with Willem Boot, he had a small version of the machine.”

heart_roasters_Wille_Yli-Luoma_Karlsbad_porcelain_ coffee_machine

The “coffee machine” features two sections that stack and make a tower. The grounds are poured into the top portion and water is poured over the grounds. The unit is 100% porcelain, including the hash-mark-like slits that act as a filter. The filter is part of the upper section, which is removed after brewing. The bottom section is used to serve the coffee at tableside. Although Walküre has released a more modern design, Wille uses the traditional “Karlsbad” version.

heart_roasters_Wille_Yli-Luoma_Karlsbad_porcelain_ coffee_machine2

The Karlsbad coffee machine is part of a movement at Heart’s coffeehouse toward offering customers several brew methods. “The a brew from the coffee machine serves two people and costs $8. Right now you have to ask the barista about it specifically, but we will soon have a menu featuring Vacuum, Chemex with a paper filter, Aeropress, and the Walküre coffee machine.” You can also purchase a machine directly from Heart’s website.

heart_roasters_Wille_Yli-Luoma_Karlsbad_porcelain_ coffee_machine4

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  1. fer says:

    That Aluminum pitcher…where can I get one? Beautiful.

  2. LizaLS says:

    Thanks for this – beautiful pictures and great write-up. I’m considering getting one, but there aren’t many Stateside references to it. ^_^

  3. K says:

    Uh, guys? While I can appreciate your attempt to use metric calculations instead of English-style, you do know that liquids are measured in Liters, right?

    640g = 640mL

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