The Able One-Cup & Glass Funnel – A First Look



Keith Gehrke continues his pursuit of the perfect cup with the introduction of the Able One-Cup, a metal coffee filter that aims to brew a single cup of coffee as cleanly as possible without compromising flavors. We discuss the new filter in their Coava Coffee tasting room on Grand Ave as cars roar by outside and I take photographs as evening sunlight spills into their bamboo-lined concrete industrial space. The filter is the first new item to be released this summer under the Able Brewing Equipment umbrella. “Able Brewing Equipment is not just filters,” Keith says, “it’s the complete system, and the One-Cup is part of a kit that brews coffee directly into a cup.”


The second piece is a thick glass holder called the One-Cup Glass Funnel, which holds the filter and is suspended above a cup by a third unreleased piece that will be included in the proprietary kit. The One-Cup Filter fits into a Hario Dripper making the glass funnel an optional piece. The filter alone will also be sold independently for $40. In most respects the filter is similar to the newest version of the Coava Kone which sports a new matted finish, flexible steel for dent resistance, and thinner material resulting in more accurate, smaller holes.


Creating a cleaner cup of coffee has been a two-step process: First, Keith recently redesigned the Kone’s hole pattern to slow down brewing and allow less sediment in to the cup. Keith explains, “We didn’t sell the Kone right away and originally designed it to be used only in our tasting room where we could control the ground size and train our baristas on good pouring technique. But our feedback showed that people couldn’t get as clean of a cup as they were getting at our shop. People were getting more sediment and cloudiness because their ground size was different. As a result, we re-designed the Kone’s filter pattern. The new pattern controls the extraction and produces a cup with less fines in the brew.” Second, Keith created the One-Cup as a shorter filter that reduces the distance between the water kettle and coffee bed.  “The Kone was made to fit into a Chemex, but when you’re only making one cup at a time it’s not ideal because there is less ground coffee in the filter and a large space between the water spout and the coffee bed. The Able One-Cup holds enough ground coffee but also lets you shorten the distance between the kettle and grounds, creating less agitation. It gives the water a gentler approach to the coffee bed, and a cleaner cup of coffee.”


The One-Cup still fits into the Chemex like the Kone, but the glass funnel allows you to cut down on the distance to the ground coffee and allows you to brew directly into the cup. The glass funnel is made of thick glass and is created by a scientific glass maker in the Bay Area, continuing Coava and Able’s commitment to manufacturing their products entirely in the USA.


Above, the Able One-Cup and companion Funnel hold 18g of ground coffee. Below are the new Able One-Cup and companion Able Glass One-Cup Funnel alongside their father-filter, the Coava Kone with Chemex. Again, the filter and funnel will be suspended over a cup by an additional and yet-unreleased piece of the kit. The tentative price for the One-Cup Filter on its own is $40 and it will be released by August.


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8 Responses to “The Able One-Cup & Glass Funnel – A First Look”

  1. saba says:

    I really like the look of this product a one cup brewer is a really good idea

  2. DAVID says:

    I need this NOW.

  3. DAVID says:

    So…is this not coming out now??? I noticed they took it off the website. Its a real shame. Able site is down too. I guess we’ll see,,,

    • admin says:

      Hey David

      I asked Keith and he said:
      “Able is going through some changes and the site will be live in May with full details on what’s coming and when.”

  4. Nash says:

    Any update on this product?

  5. Satanas says:

    I’d like to purchase the one cup.

  6. Ann Fennell says:

    I’ve been looking for a glass funnel for making coffee with #2 drip filters. Hario’s base is a poor design; it’s too small and not circular, exposing the coffee to the air and cooling it down while it drips. My preference would be borosilicate glass, but I’ll settle if I find a glass one with the right base. I’m also going to look at laboratory equipment; surely labs use funnels.

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