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Both Barista locations are engaged in their “Best of Portland” roaster series. Billy’s coffee houses will feature 2-3 different Portland coffee roasters each week during the month of September. Today in the Pearl I tried Ristretto’s El Salvador, Finca El Rosario. It showed a little vegetable, some nuttiness, and a great creamy aftertaste. Water Avenue’s Kenya AA Nguvu was second, which was pulled with much effervescence and had flavors of lemon and grapefruit but also a dose of sugar.

Public Domain

It was refreshing to taste a well-balanced and acidic Kenya Nguvu at Public Domain, where I’m use to overwhelming sugar and high viscosity. Whether those imbalances ares due to their 6 second automatic pre-infusion or something else, the shot I received today from their Synesso Hydra was wonderful. Vegetable flavors expressed as split pea soup and a corn on the cob finish.

Sterling Coffee & Courier Coffee

Both are serving an El Salvador from Finca Santa Barbara, Miguel Menendez and his family’s estate. Joel has been consistently picking up large quantities form the Menendez estate and Sterling recently purchased a small order. Notes from Adam: “Bittersweet chocolate, cayenne or black pepper, and an under rip melon flavor that gives it acidity.” And imagine my disappointment when Adam noted that Menendez himself visited the coffee stand just two minutes before I had arrived.

Joel is approaching his new coffee shop from the perspective of a roaster, and Adam is a long time cafe man who is refining his roasting. I risk sounding dramatic, but Courier goes up against CBI next week at Barista locations, and Adam McGovern and Andrea Spella go head to head in the third week of this month.

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