2011 NW Regional Barista Champions – Coava Coffee Roaster

“It was a sweep”, Keith says as I wait for Sam to finish up with a customer. Two trophies adorn the shelf above Devin Chapman and Sam Purvis, who won the first place titles at the NW Regional Barista Competition held in Tacoma over the weekend.


I first met Sam when he worked at Coffee House Five, then he jumped to Barista on Alberta and now he’s at Coava with Matt and Keith.  Sam won the Northwest Regional Barista Competition portion of the event. “My signature drink was composed of raspberry and goji berry condensed in water, poured over chocolate, with milk and six shots of espresso. That made four servings, one for each judge, and then each cup was dusted with raspberry powder.”


Devin took first place for the new Brewers Cup competition, pitting competitors against each other in a first round of blind tasting in which one coffee is used by everyone, and then a second round where competitors choose their own coffee and give a presentation. “I used 24g of Honduras Benjamin Miranda and 400g of water. I took first place and brewed with the Coava Kone, and the runner up competitors used a Hario V60 and a Clever.  It’s good for the Kone because it has received mixed reviews. Some people love the Kone and some people hate it, but this shows that it produces results, and you can’t argue with that.”

Devin’s 1 year of barista experience made him the new guy compared to his competition, but he and Sam have been practicing each night after business hours at Coava’s Grand Avenue location. Along with their titles they also receive a fully-paid trip to the 2011 SCAA Expo in Houston to compete for the national titles. Devin stays modest as he points to Matt and Keith who are running a batch of beans through the roaster, “these guys have been working the hardest since this place opened. We are standing on their shoulders, if you know what I mean.”


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