Nossa Familia Coffee – Cupping with Gabriel Carvalho Dias


Gabriel Carvalho Dias leads a public cupping of two Nossa Familia coffees in the lobby of the Armory. I arrive as he presents the process of growing, harvesting, and preparing beans for roasting at their farm in Brazil. A slide show lights up the wall above the front door.  After some questions and answers, twenty five eager participants and I are corralled around tables of cups that contain medium and dark roasts by Nossa Familia Coffee.


Due to the size of the event there is a bit of healthy chaos: the gentleman next to me lifts his cup up and sips as he says into his phone “buy five more shares”, the woman behind me stirs up her cup with her spoon as it cools, and there is some last minute desperation to ensure everyone performs an overtly loud slurp. Nonetheless, every participant is introduced to how the industry evaluates coffee and checks for flaws, and the event ends when Nossa Familia unveils their new packaging to much delight of the crowd who receive a complimentary bag of coffee.


I first cupped at the Stumptown Annex, and have subsequently enjoyed the regularly scheduled cuppings at Coffee House Five and CBI’s Public Domain. The most memorable cupping I’ve been a part of was with Zoka’s baristas and owner Jeff Babcock in Seattle. Customers who have cupped appreciate the fact that not all green coffee is of the same quality, and this understanding gives roasters who buy quality coffee leverage to demand higher prices, rewarding those who are most fastidious in the buying process and ultimately the farmers who opt for quality versus tonnage per acre.

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