Heart Roasters – Guatemala Puerta Verde

When I first asked around Portland for a new coffee roaster to explore, I would frequently be sent to Heart. Heart Roasters, as if that end of Burnside is another country, or as if visiting their mammoth UG 15 Probat is a stop on some sort of hipster coffee pilgrimage.


Heart’s Guatemala Puerta Verde is busy tying up Barista’s month of Portland coffee roasters. Joe at Barista 2 says it’s “super chocolatey, with blood orange citrus notes, walnut and toffee.”

When asked, the Heart staff will explain that their Probat comes from Giesen Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster repair/restoration/equipment company in the Netherlands. It’s a 1953 Probat, and it has better air circulation than Heart’s older, smaller L12. The roaster is one of the largest and most displayed roaster around town and gives the shop a decidedly industrial atmosphere.

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