Heart Roasters – Coffee Roaster Cupping


A handful of Portland’s top micro-roasters attended an industry-only cupping last week, one of the first of it’s kind for roasters who mostly keep to themselves. Alejandro Renjifo of Fairfield Trading provided 16 pre-Spot Colombia coffees. The group huddled around a map of Colombia as Alejandro distinguished the farming regions by weather, geography, and harvest frequency.

Tim Wendelboe introduced Wille Yli-Luoma to Alejandro, and since then Wille received samples from Alejandro until he decided to cup the stock pile all at one time and invite the majority of roasters in Portland. “I have no problem sharing with other roasters. We can learn a lot from each other,” says Wille.


Everyone had a favorite in the line up. Adam raved about two coffees in the first set, and the other roasters diligently tasted each cup several times as they cooled. Below, Aric Miller used a heat press to put the Sterling logo on his cuff. That’s Pete Miller in the background, owner of Caravan Coffee, one of Newberg’s three noteworthy roasters:

Aric Miller

There was talk of joining together and purchasing a container directly from Alejandro and the Colombian farms. There were also roasters who wanted exclusivity and approached Alejandro directly to purchase the entire supply of coffees that they liked the most. From near to far: Adam McGovern of Sterling who just won the Seattle 2010 Coffee Fest latte art championship, Wille Yli-Luoma of Heart, and Chris Brady of Extracto.


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