Coava Kone – Portland’s Iconic Brewing Method


Update: The Coava Disk – Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter

The Coava Kone was released last week. “We sold our first Kone online in the first two minutes, and at the end of the first day we had sold eight”, says Keith Gehrke. The Kone filter is an icon; Portland’s new regional brewing method:


Billy’s bar is lined with them. His staff are still training on the new hardware, but soon the Kone pour over will be a menu item at Barista on Alberta. “Stumptown picks up their first order at the end of the week”. You can get the Kone directly from Keith and Matt at their Grand Ave location or through their new website for $50.


When I first met Keith, he showed me their coffee bags. He smoothed his finger over the hand-stamped single origin label, the raised Coava logo applied to each bag by a custom embosser, and the rough fibers of the carefully selected brown paper. The entire Kone package is equally deliberate: the modestly-placed slab serif typeface, the etched branding circling the filter’s crown, and the overtly simple instruction card.


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