The Coava Disk – Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter



With last night’s release of the Coava Disk, Coava Coffee Roasters has made a name for itself as the maker of stainless steel filters for coffee makers that previously relied on disposable paper filters. The Coava Disk has the same trappings as the Coava Kone: steel sourced from Ohio, reusable design, photochemical etched holes, and a crispness of appearance. The Coava Disk pairs with the Aeropress and costs $15 at Coava’s website.


Coava’s counters are lined with boxes of Kones waiting to be shipped. “We have definitely seen a flurry of orders before Christmas” says Keith. Then he eagerly shows me the Coava Disk. “Someone asked me to make it, so I did.” I watch as he loads the disk smoothly into his Aeropress and brews a cup. He takes me over to the sink to see how easily it cleans out. “Normally you have to try to peel a paper filter out, but this just pops out and rinses off.”


He explains how he originally cut Disks out of prototype Kone filters that he had lying around. The disks fit nicely into the Aeropress, it adequately filtered out the dregs, and so he had the disks custom manufactured. He tells me this as he lets the coffee fall out of the Aeropress without pushing in the plunger. “If you let gravity move the coffee out of the Aeropress then there is less sediment in the cup.”

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One Response to “The Coava Disk – Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter”

  1. Sondre says:

    Will it just run through? Doesn’t that somewhat cancel out some of the meaning with the aeropress? And in one of the pictures it shows an aeropress upside down, but how do you attach the lid with filter, does it “snap” into the filterholder like a wet paper filter?

    That asked, it looks amazing and I will definetly try to pick one up!

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