Cellar Door Coffee – Third Anniversary


Cellar Door Coffee celebrates their third year anniversary by showcasing the signature drinks used by their two barista competitors in the 2011 NW Regional Barista Competition in Tacoma.


To make his signature drink, first Thomas steeps two types of hops in a vac pot resulting in a hop tea, then he pours a homemade vanilla syrup into the bottom of  glasses and the hop tea is poured over, dissolving and mixing the syrup, and, as that portion rests, he finally pulls shots of espresso and pours them into the glasses.


He successfully achieves what he set out to do; combine his love for coffee and beer into one drink. The drink at the same time sweet and savory.


Kelly’s signature drink is a good example of the straightfowardly sweet signature drink that is more common in competition. Filling one glass with huckleberry creme anglaise topped with small droplets of creme fraiche and a second glass of espresso, Kelly serves the drink in two parts and the recipient alternates sips between the two glasses. On the one hand the cold, milkshake-like blend in the first glass contrasts with the warm espresso, but on the other hand the berry flavors in the first glass are similar to, and highlight, the fruity flavors in the natural process coffee.


Photographs and notes courtesy of Kevin Fish

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