Caffe Vita Roasting in Portland

Their caffe has been open for several months, but Caffe Vita’s Portland location has a 22 kilo Probat en route and will start roasting for Portland area wholesale accounts as early as May.


I walk in as Jared Durham measures the new bar. “The roaster will be here in a few weeks but we don’t know exactly when. It’s a refurbished 22 kilo Probat. We know a guy who could rebuild an old roaster so that’s what we had him do. The drum is new, and the seasoning process will take some time when we first receive it. Basically to season the drum we roast batches for long periods of time at higher temperatures, and then we will have a technician come and dial in the roaster to how we want it.”

Jared was originally from Portland before going to Seattle to work for Vita for several years. Now he is back and will be roasting in their Alberta hub. “We are happy to be across the street from the Alberta Rose Theater because it draws a lot of people, but Alberta is still developing. We definitely need more traffic but that will happen when we get the roaster and second bar set up. Those things are a draw for people.”

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