Vancouver, BC & Portland – 49th Parallel Coffee

49th Parallel Coffee

You see this blue all over 49th Parallel Coffee’s hometown of Vancouver, BC, and their Epic espresso roast is on grinders at all the right places like the sleek Prado Cafe on Commercial Ave.

Outside of Vancouver, however, it’s hard to find. I picked up a cup of 49th about a year ago at Barista and just recently found three 49th coffees being cupped at Coffee House Five:

Ethiopia Yergecheffe – An Ethiopian coffee with notes of wild red fruit.  Flavors of wild raspberries, but dry in the mouth.  This one was tame for an Ethiopian

Kenya – This one began with cinnamon raisin toast; toasted grains with some savory fruit and a hint of spice.  The acids came out as it cooled, leaving more familiar flavors of garden vegetables and basil.

Guatemala – A large hit of malic acid.  Granny smith apples, the tart and crisp green apples that are dry in the mouth.

Economics are stacked against 49th: a cafe can spend $48 on a 5lb bag. Coffee House Five may be bringing 49th Parallel into their lineup soon.

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