Planetary Sculpture Supper Club

Food & Drink
One July evening as the brightest stars began poking out from the sky, a constellation of Portland supper clubs were lighting briquettes and pouring apértifs for arriving guests. Sit ...

Victorian Feast – The Snow Supper Club

Food & Drink
It's a sunny evening and I walk off the street to enter a vintage store in N Portland. I make new acquaintances over a meal thoughtfully prepared by Heather and Remy. I seek them out ...

Din Din – A Supper Club

Food & Drink
One summer evening a group of 75 people convene inside Versailles Gardens and Pomarius Nursery in industrial Northwest for a six-course meal crafted by chef Courtney Sproule. Through the ...


Columbian Cafe – Astoria, Ore.

Food & Drink
I'm in Astoria with Uriah Hulsey. He owns the Columbian Cafe and has served dishes made from locally caught seafood and fresh produce for the last 30 years. He was born in Georgia and spent ...

Planetary Sculpture – A Supper Club

Food & Drink
I follow Bryon Rudd of Gorilla Meats Co. up a flight of winding stairs and down a long hallway down into a corner room filled with long wooden tables set for Planetary Sculpture, a supper ...

Gorilla Meats Co. – Fresh Sausage & Charcuterie

Food & Drink
Bryon Rudd is driving down the Columbia Gorge at 80 mph as he looks out the window and says "Look, there's an Osprey nest". We're headed towards Hood River to visit a heritage pig farm ...


Carlton, Oregon – Fire Mountain Brew House

Food & Drink
When I pull into the Fire Mountain Brewery tasting room I am greeted by three sweet dogs on the driveway. In the brew house, Henry Gorgas the brew master and Ken Venezuela of ...

Vancouver, BC – Medina Café

Food & Drink
I love the corner booth; you can watch everything. I see the brick wall behind the bar, natural wood planks along the seating, and spotlights on the wall that point up into the tall ...

Vancouver, BC – Salt Tasting Room

Food & Drink
The Salt Tasting Room in Gastown serves local charcuterie and cheeses. The chalkboard in the back lists choices to make into a tasting plate. Choose three meats or three cheeses, and ...


Capitol Hill, Seattle – World Cup at Café Presse

Food & Drink
Capitol Hill seemed like a good place to be during the World Cup. After unfruitful reconnaissance uncovered several coarse locations (beware of flip flops), it was refreshing to receive ...