Tim Roth – Pupil Photography

Tim Roth is Pupil . For a brief time he co-operated a street style blog called Lumiere, and he had the idea to capture film photographs of Keegan Meegan Press and Bindery a year ...

SCAA in Portland

The SCAA Expo came to town last month, bringing with it the US Barista Championship. Below is Devon Chapman using a wine aerator in a performance that took him to the ...

Black Coffee Roasting Co. – Revisited

Since my last visit, Matt and Jim have been building up the largest portfolio of single-origin coffees available in Montana. They've remained the only light-roast choice for coffee ...


Cold Brew

Last summer Sterling Coffee filled half gallon growlers that donned a griffin logo with cold brew concentrate. This summer, Barista on Alberta is serving their cold brew outside from a ...

Backporch Coffee Roasters – Bend, Ore.

Art & Design
Dave Beach is roasting on the 12 Kilo Diedrich when I arrive at Backporch Coffee Roasters, and Tony Querio is brewing a batch of cold brew. It's hot, so I buy a cold brew and to my ...

Able Brewing Equipment x Jolby & Friends – A New Design

Art & Design
Matt Higgins and Keith Gehrke unveiled a new packaging design for their stainless steel Disk filter for the Aeropress. The design is minimal, sleek, and industrial. My attention is ...


NW 21st – Sterling Coffee Roasters

I'm sitting at Sterling Coffee Roasters. They recently put chairs and tables along their sidewalk so customers can stay and take advantage of the warmer days. They also have new stamped ...

The Able One-Cup & Glass Funnel – A First Look

Keith Gehrke continues his pursuit of the perfect cup with the introduction of the Able One-Cup, a metal coffee filter that aims to brew a single cup of coffee as cleanly as possible ...

Kone, Disk, & a Grand Opening Party

The Coava Kone is currently sold out, but more units are on their way. So far, 4,000 Kones have been sold and 6,000 Disks. Coava's one-year anniversary party is on July 8th. "It's also ...


Cellar Door Coffee – Third Anniversary

Cellar Door Coffee celebrates their third year anniversary by showcasing the signature drinks used by their two barista competitors in the 2011 NW Regional Barista Competition in ...

Caffe Vita Roasting in Portland

Their caffe has been open for several months, but Caffe Vita's Portland location has a 22 kilo Probat en route and will start roasting for Portland area wholesale accounts as early as ...

Stumptown Cold Brew

Stumptown released their cold brew coffee last week. The bottles are the same 11oz. stubby bottles that Full Sail uses for their Session beers. The coffee is cold brewed in the "Toddy" ...


Walkure Kaffeemaschine – Porcelain Coffee Makers at Heart Roasters

Wille Yli-Luoma at Heart Coffee Roasters uses 40g of coffee, 640g water, and a grind size of 8 to create the perfect cup of coffee with the Karlsbad coffee machine. "They have been around ...

Courier Coffee – Mocha, Chocolate from Cacao

There's nothing groundbreaking here, but there's still something to it. Perhaps how Courier's glass mason jars are perfect for their iced drinks, and a drink like this reminds me of ...

2011 NW Regional Barista Champions – Coava Coffee Roaster

"It was a sweep", Keith says as I wait for Sam to finish up with a customer. Two trophies adorn the shelf above Devin Chapman and Sam Purvis, who won the first place titles at the NW ...


Black Coffee Roasting Co. – Missoula, Montana

I'm in Missoula, and when I'm done comprehending how this small town has exactly one incredibly skilled purveyor for every need -- Le Petit Outre for a palmier, Kettle House Brewery for a ...

Nossa Familia Coffee – Cupping Portland

I drop in on Augusto Dias Carneiro and Sarah as they perform another public cupping. This time at Cafe au Play in SE Portland. Augusto weaves his way through the parents and children at ...

Matt Higgins – Growing Coffee

I'm in line at Coava's shop on Grand Ave and I spot a few coffee plants in their upper sill. Matt tells me he has fifty more plants growing in his basement. Coava Coffee Roasters is ...


The Coava Disk – Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter

With last night's release of the Coava Disk, Coava Coffee Roasters has made a name for itself as the maker of stainless steel filters for coffee makers that previously relied on ...

Nossa Familia Coffee – Cupping with Gabriel Carvalho Dias

Gabriel Carvalho Dias leads a public cupping of two Nossa Familia coffees in the lobby of the Armory. I arrive as he presents the process of growing, harvesting, and preparing beans for ...

Heart Roasters – Coffee Roaster Cupping

A handful of Portland's top micro-roasters attended an industry-only cupping last week, one of the first of it's kind for roasters who mostly keep to themselves. Alejandro Renjifo of ...


Coava Kone – Portland’s Iconic Brewing Method

Update: The Coava Disk - Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter The Coava Kone was released last week. "We sold our first Kone online in the first two minutes, and at the end of the ...

Courier Coffee – Milk on Tap

Joel, Ryan, Tyler, and David will soon steam milk drawn from a tap. Will they lose too much milk from line cleaning? Where will they pour the excess if they draw too much? Who knows, but ...

Coffee House Five – Giving Benefit of Doubt

When you drink a sub-par espresso at a neighborhood coffee shop, do you assume the flaw is in the roast or the barista? There are too many factors to be objective. The coffeehouse is a ...


5th & Alder – Andrea Spella

When I ask Chris why the cart is closing, he sends me down to 5th and Alder to get the details from Andrea. My question surprises Andrea. It's easy to forget that most food cart owners ...

Heart Roasters – Guatemala Puerta Verde

When I first asked around Portland for a new coffee roaster to explore, I would frequently be sent to Heart. Heart Roasters, as if that end of Burnside is another country, or as if visiting ...

Coava Coffee Roasters, Coava Kone (K-ONE) Pour Over Filter

Update: Coava Barista Wins 2011 USBC NW Regional Brewers Cup Using Kone Filter Update: The Coava Disk - Stainless Steel Aeropress Coffee Filter Keith Gehrke humors me with an in-depth ...


Portland – Water Ave, Coava, Sterling Roasters

Sterling Coffee Roasters The finest espresso this week was at Sterling, a Grade 2 Yirgacheffe (currently at Water Ave too) and an El Salvador from San Joaquin. Rachael pulled both ...

Portland, Roasters & Espresso

Barista Both Barista locations are engaged in their "Best of Portland" roaster series. Billy's coffee houses will feature 2-3 different Portland coffee roasters each week during the ...

Vancouver, BC & Portland – 49th Parallel Coffee

You see this blue all over 49th Parallel Coffee's hometown of Vancouver, BC, and their Epic espresso roast is on grinders at all the right places like the sleek Prado Cafe on Commercial ...


SW Oak Street, Portland – Courier Coffee

Several weeks ago I peered through the door of what was once Half & Half cafe, but I saw an empty room with a wrinkled sheet of butcher paper on the floor that held a hand-drawn ...