Amy Bernstein

Art & Design
In conjunction with Beautiful Savage, Nick and I interviewed Amy Bernstein and photographed her in her studio. Below is the un-truncated version: To get to Amy Bernstein’s studio i ...

Mazama — Ceramic Drinking Vessels

Art & Design
Any Portlander will tell you that to live in the Rose City is to live to drink – IPAs, ales, coffee arabicia. But despite the city’s endless assortment of artisan drinks, six loc ...

Nathan VanHook — Stroking It

Art & Design
When I first chatted with Nathan VanHook, he was working in Miami at Art Basel, and I was across the country, footing through the snow-sloshed sidewalks of downtown Portland. We were ...


Ace Hotel — Content 2013

Art & Design
Last Saturday, Content, a one-night fashion showcase, returned to the Ace Hotel as part of a chain of Portland’s fall design events. Since its founding in 2009, Content has given local ...

Tanner Goods x Refueled Magazine

Art & Design
For the latest issue of Refueled Magazine, I visited Tanner Goods' NE studio to catch up on their collaborations and get a sneak peak of their upcoming projects: "Huff, who acts as ...

Bedouin Books

Art & Design
Somewhere between Salt Lake City and Albuquerque, Michael D’Alessandro rumbles a U-Haul truck through National Park-laden landscapes on his way to Dallas, TX, where a Chandler and Price ...


Maak Soap Lab

Art & Design
At some point before its abandonment and subsequent restoration, this building was an auto mechanic shop that snatched up broken cars from busy N Interstate and sent them through its aut ...

Keegan Meegan – Letterpress

Art & Design
The building that houses Keegan Meegan's letterpress operation has me dreaming of vault heists and train robberies. The tracks out front—now paved over with road, save a few lines of st ...

Elias Grey of Lemolo Bags

Art & Design
I value items more if they have a good creation story, a story that can prove the item was crafted in a place that has character. And that's what I think about when I visit Elias and he wa ...


Benjamin Ferencz of Fairends

Art & Design
"A designer needs to find obscure sources to reference, otherwise everyone knows what you've been reading and everyone's work looks the same", Ben Ferencz says as he leans back in his hom ...

Joey Maas – Neo Pop Art

Art & Design
I'm visiting the home and studio of Joey Maas, whose Pop Art paintings have a steadily growing fan base in Portland. He sits at the dining room table with his dog, Rocky, and drinks ...

Reid Elrod – Part 2

Art & Design
Back in Reid's shop, he's working on the "toe puff" or "toe box", which stiffens the front of the toe for protection and maintains its structure and shape. And while he's ...


Maryanna & Jake

Art & Design
I'm thrilled to visit Maryanna & Jake in their their new SE Portland home. I've been a fan of their illustration and design styles, which are each finely-honed and distinct, but ...

Reid Elrod Shoes

Art & Design
I'm in Reid Elrod's basement studio and he's telling me about the tools and machines that lay around us. Everything has a story behind it. First, he shows me a pair of metal tools that he ...

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Art & Design
I'm running with Jacob Hinmon and his crew to shoot a video for Schoolhouse Electric Supply Co. We're at Schoolhouse's new space, an expansive, brick, five-story building on NW Nicolai ...


CONTENT 2011 at the Ace Hotel

Art & Design
I walk down the 2nd floor hallway of the Ace Hotel early in the Saturday evening and the conversation lingering at the end of the hall is about the size of the ax in room 228; I know ...

Matt at Wood & Faulk

Art & Design
When I visit Matt Pierce I am most interested in hearing about the D-ring belts he made for Darian's store at Free/Man. The ring belts are made of vegetable tanned leather from Hermann ...

Backporch Coffee Roasters – Bend, Ore.

Art & Design
Dave Beach is roasting on the 12 Kilo Diedrich when I arrive at Backporch Coffee Roasters, and Tony Querio is brewing a batch of cold brew. It's hot, so I buy a cold brew and to my ...


Able Brewing Equipment x Jolby & Friends – A New Design

Art & Design
Matt Higgins and Keith Gehrke unveiled a new packaging design for their stainless steel Disk filter for the Aeropress. The design is minimal, sleek, and industrial. My attention is ...

Lindsay Hill & Nick Caceres – If Not For Kidnap

Art & Design
Lindsay unfolds a thick stack of pages. "Don't panic, the text is very large," he says and everyone laughs. The poetry is excellent, and the crowd is enthusiastic. Lindsay's phrases are ...

Vanillawood x Trader Vic’s

Art & Design
The original Trader Vic's Portland location was in the Benson Hotel and was a spot to "escape the rain and enjoy a taste of the tropics." This time around diners can escape, but they can ...


If Not For Kidnap – A Reading Series

Art & Design
I walk in as Drew Grow plays the last song of his set. Then Donald Dunbar introduces Lisa Ciccarello and she reads a poem in front of rows of couches full of listeners. I'm at the If Not ...

Inventory Number 4, Gentlewoman Number 3, and Stand Up Comedy

Art & Design
First, Inventory Number 4 was released several weeks ago and has finally trickled down to The Woodlands in Portland. Pictured are both covers featuring Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments ...

Anthony Parrish – Leather

Art & Design
Anthony Parrish works at Tanner Goods under the tutelage of leather craftsmen Sam Huff and Mark Perusich. In tandem with fulfilling TG orders, Anthony spends time designing new designs ...


Tanner Goods’ New Workshop – Portland Ore.

Art & Design
This is Tanner Goods, and this is their new workshop. Nicole Funke shows me around the large industrial space in NE's Leftbank Building; she's the shipping manager for Tanner Goods and ...

NE Alberta – Adam Friedman at Together Gallery

Art & Design
I caught up to Adam at the Together Gallery for his latest showing. MARROW: How was your showing in Oakland? ADAM: It went well. The opening night was a pretty big party. I did a lot of ...

Laughingcrowe Leatherworks – Shoemaking Class

Art & Design
I introduce myself to Jason Craban's students as he spoils me with Turkish coffee poured into traditional cups as we sit in his living room. His house is filled with many Scandinavian ...


Adam Friedman

Art & Design
Adam Friedman and I talk about his recent move from Oakland to Portland as he refills the ice tray and returns it to his freezer. We're in the the kitchen of his NE Portland house. I can ...