Vanillawood x Trader Vic’s

Art & Design
trader_vic_vanilla_wood The original Trader Vic’s Portland location was in the Benson Hotel and was a spot to “escape the rain and enjoy a taste of the tropics.” This time around diners can escape, but they can do it while still immersing themselves in Portland-based style. Local interior design studio Vanillawood created the interior for the returning restaurant, and utilized reclaimed wood and English Walnut sourced through Portland’s Goby Walnut. From Vanillawood’s latest press release:

The design for the restaurant’s 250-seat dining space takes its lead from classic Trader Vic’s iconography (tribal masks, tiki carvings, tapa cloth and woven grass wall coverings), while seamlessly integrating contemporary and salvaged materials. Flooring throughout the restaurant is made of reclaimed shipping dunnage; the bar and tabletops feature live-edge, solid slabs of Walnut; and guests are treated to Oregon’s first live, interior vertical plant wall alongside a stacked-stone slate water feature as they enter the space.


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