Tanner Goods x Refueled Magazine

Art & Design
Words and Photographs by Ryan Fish


For the latest issue of Refueled Magazine, I visited Tanner Goods’ NE studio to catch up on their collaborations and get a sneak peak of their upcoming projects:

“Huff, who acts as gatekeeper for press and public relations, walks me around the production space. He looks like the timeless laborer, in an orange woolen plaid shirt, Danner boots with classic red laces, and jeans with rolled cuffs; his hair is loosely slicked back and his glasses are of the vintage ilk. His arms are often crossed but he’s cheerfully patient with my questions, and his tendency to explain leather tanning and design inspiration in greater-than-necessary detail is hugely disarming. Toward the back of the studio, where fat industrial lights hang overhead and shelves of rolled leather surround us, he sprawls a piece of leather on a work table and begins tracing outlines for a prototype: a leather briefcase. This case, like every other Tanner item, is dreamt up to meet an everyday need. From a luggage tag, to a canine collar, to a document folio, to a simple coin pouch, if there’s a need in daily life that can be filled with a leather product chances are it’s been considered by Huff, and the most viable of those products eventually reach full scale production. . .” 

Read the entire story in Issue 11 of Refueled Magazine.






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