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I’m thrilled to visit Maryanna & Jake in their their new SE Portland home. I’ve been a fan of their illustration and design styles, which are each finely-honed and distinct, but amalgamate nicely in their collaborative projects. The decor of their home, their clothing, and the imagery in their most recent work suggest that the two artists share a reverence for the past and the passage of time.


Lemolo Baggage

In the new house, a roomy studio catches the morning daylight. Paintings for Maryanna’s upcoming show line the perimeter of the room. She will show her work next at Pony Club Gallery, and in April she’ll be at the Stumptown Comics Fest showcasing her first comic book.



Jake is quite prolific. He currently resides at Roundhouse Agency, where he produces imagery for Adidas, Skullcandy, and others. The process behind some very interesting projects are documented on his blog, including how he created his own personal brand to a recent project utilizing Tanner Good’s ability stamp leather with custom designs.



Maryanna and Jake met in 2009, and soon they began to draw together and collaborate. Eagle & Wolf is their collaborative entity, and there you can find a portfolio of images including some from their most recently finished campaign for Lemolo Baggage.



Maryanna kneels down and retrieves several posters from a chest on the living room floor. They’re advertising posters that Jake’s father, who worked for Sandstrom design as an art director before going freelance for several years, made for Warn Winch Co. and Tommy Bahamas. Now, Kurt Hollomon teaches drawing and illustration at PNCA and carries on a blog featuring a regularly growing collection of his own studies.



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  1. [...] Ryan is a pretty swell dude and we found we shared more than a few common interests.  He took a ton of photos with both digital and analog film, and he promises another feature or two to come.  Check out the post here! [...]

  2. Nubby says:

    I love Maryanna & Jake! This is a great profile.

  3. jenny says:

    great photos. love seeing artists at work and their personal style.

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